How To Play Roulette


In our time, there is probably no one left who has never seen what roulette looks like. We remember the image of old movies when a desperate hero goes in search of a big win. He is lucky, he breaks the huge winning playing the roulette, and goes home in a new car. 

In the era of the development of online games, we got the opportunity to play roulette without moving to another city or country. This has contributed to the fact that the game has received even more fans around the world. Its rules are extremely simple and the game is easy to learn.

Rules of the game

The game starts at the moment when the ball is sent spinning in a circle. The wheel itself has a division and it rotates around the base of the bowl. The game ends when the ball stops its movement on one of the sectors of the circle.

How does the Bundle look like?

The wheel is divided into small sections from one to 36. The numbers are arranged in a chaotic order and the colors alternate. The main colors are red and black. But there is also a green section with the number zero. Please note that you can find a green section with two zeros on the American roulette table. Of course, this reduces the chances of players winning, so this option is suitable for more daring players. In the online game, of course, everything is easier and the player just sees the number that falls on the roulette.

How To Place A Bet?

In this game, the bet is to decide on what number the ball will fall out. Decisions are made before the ball starts spinning. Players give away a certain number of chips signaling that the bet is made.

What Is The Science Of Bets?

No matter what roulette is played, the main types of bets remain unchanged. We recommend you read the list before starting the game to know exactly how to react and what strategy to use. Please note that each bet has its own coefficient.

There are eleven different types of bets that a player has the right to make at the roulette table: on one number; on a group of two, three, four, five, six, or twelve numbers; on a column of twelve numbers; on red or black; on an even or odd number; on finding a number in the range from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

How To Calculate The Winnings?

Based on the fact that 36 numbers take part in the draw, which is equally divided into black and red, even and odd, and taking into account the presence of zero, a game system based on probability theory was created. Based on this system, as well as depending on the type of bet, winnings are paid.

For example, if a bet placed on an even number wins, then the winning amount will be the size of the bet since the probability of an even and an odd number is the same (18 numbers each). If you win a bet on a certain number, for example, on 3, the player will receive an amount that exceeds the bet by 35 times, since the probability that this number will fall out is 1/36.

Such a harmonious mathematical series is violated by one small correction. After all, there is zero on roulette. So, zero is neither even nor odd. It’s not red or black, but green. Separate bets are placed on zero, and when this number falls, a win is paid out, 35 times higher than the bet. At the same time, all other bets lose. However, there are special bets in which you can combine zero with other numbers.

European Roulette – What Are Its Special Features?

The moment you understand the structure of roulette and the basic rules for placing bets, the game becomes very simple. The game is watched by the croupier, who is responsible for betting and spinning the wheel. he also pays out the profit to the winner.

American Roulette

This version of the game is suitable for more risky players. In this case, there is a section with two zeros on the playing field. If the ball hits it, all other bets are canceled. This is the reason why a player is much less likely to make a profit.

Acceptable Bet Sizes

In order to navigate the maximum and minimum allowable bets that you can make in the game, read the rules of a particular casino before starting the game. For the most part, the restrictions are dictated by the amounts that the casino can lose for this round. At the best roulette casino sites, you can find fair amounts and transparent conditions.  


As you can notice, the roulette game is quite easy to learn. It is enough of learning the playing field – let’s start trying to on the luck on the best roulette website from the list. Choose carefully and may you be the winner!