How To Play Blackjack

We can’t say that this game is simple, but we know for sure that it captures the hearts from the first time you come to play it. It is not necessary to know all the strategies and mathematical outcomes perfectly in order to win.

The game takes its origins several centuries earlier, and today it is almost the only card game that can be found in any modern casino. For example, you can take a look at the list of the best blackjack casino sites. So what are the rules and strategies? Let’s learn together.

The Cards

The game uses a 52-card deck. There are cases when several decks are mixed at the same time. And the number of cards on the game table can reach up to 312. An empty card is placed at the end of the deck, which signals the need to shuffle the cards.

Your Main Goal

The main task is simple and clear. There is a number 21 and players need to collect a combination that is as close as possible, but not exceeding this number. In general, as in any game known to us, the dealer manages the entire process: he shuffles and distributes cards, accepts bets.

How The Points Are Scored?

An ace can give either 1 point or 11. Each player can decide this for themselves. Cards with pictures give 10 points, and from a card with numbers – the amount of points is indicated on it.

How To Place A Bet?

Each player has a certain number of chips, with which the bet is made. They need to be placed in a specially designated place. The generally accepted limits are from $2 to $500 but may vary depending on the casino.

Making The Deal

As soon as the players are determined with their bets, the dealer begins to deal with the cards. Each player gets one card face up. The distribution takes place clockwise.  The dealer also receives one card face up. After that, the second level of distribution comes. This time, all players receive one card face up, but the dealer receives one card face down. Thus, everyone has two cards in their hands, but only the dealer has one card face down.

The Obvious Winning

If a player receives a card with a picture or a card with the number 10 plus an Ace, then they collect blackjack. This is also called “natural”.

The player receives winnings in the amount of one and a half times higher than the amount of his bet. But only if the dealer does not have this combination as well.

If this combination was collected by someone else at the game table or by the dealer, a draw is declared. The player can get their chips back.


“Stand” and “hit” are two basic actions that players can do. If the player chooses the first option, then they remain with the same cards that they have in their hands. With the second option, a player receives another card in the hope of reaching up to 21. Please note that you can only receive one card at a time. If a player asks for a third card but the amount is greater than 21, the player automatically loses. Then it is the turn of the player who is to the left of the dealer to play.

The Dealer Is Playing

When the dealer has served each player, he turns over his card that was turned face down. The dealer continues to accept cards until the total number reaches the number 17 or more. In this case, the decision for the dealer is made automatically, unlike the decisions that can be made by the players.

Getting An Insurance

If the dealer’s open card turns out to be an ace, then you can place an additional bet. It can be up to 50 % of the initial bid. It is put that the second card will be either 10 or a card with a picture. If this happens, the players get a double win. We recommend you playing this option only if there are a large number of undisclosed cards whose value is equal to 10 points.

Setting Things Down

The dealer always has the advantage that he goes after the players. Therefore, if it happens that the player’s bet is not played, the dealer automatically wins. If the player and the dealer have the same amount of points, a draw is declared. If the player collects more than 21 points, he gives his funds to the players.

One More Shuffling

The dealer continues to deal cards from one deck until he reaches an empty plastic card. As soon as this happens, the round ends, the dealer shuffles all the cards and the game continues.

Your Main Strategy

First of all, a good strategy always takes into account which card the dealer has. You need to keep playing until you get 17 or more points if the dealer has a lot of points.

If the dealer has very small cards, it is necessary to stop the draw when 12 points are reached. It is better not to take an additional card so as not to lose funds. You need to force the dealer to play and increase the points so that he scores more than 21 and leaves the game.


As you can understand, the rules are transparent. But at the same time, there are a large number of scenarios for which the game can develop. Learn the rules, think about your strategy, and get winnings by beating the casino. But play only in the most reliable places. And you can view here a list of them.